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In the Getting Started tab: Select your test phone number in the From field. (Unless you have registered other phone numbers, this will be the only phone number in From.) Enter the phone number you would like to message in the To field. Ensure the number is correct, and that you want to add it to your list of 5 possible message recipients —as you add phone numbers, follow the prompts on the screen to verify you have access to them. Once this number has been added, it cannot be removed from your list. Note: This limitation is only for WhatsApp-provided test phone numbers. Real phone numbers that you register do not have a limit on the number of recipients. Once you enter a recipient phone number, the code sample on the page will be updated to demonstrate an API call that sends a test message to that number. The code sample will look something like this:

Afghanistan Kabul 8 Nasaji Bagrami



Plot # 3 , Street # 5 , Near Dispechari Square Sarak-e-Naw, Jalalabad Road, Kabul – Afghanistan


+93 788 700 040


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