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    HABIB GULZAR  group is a well renowned business family of Afghanistan and doing business
    since 1940



    • 1940 – Established the first distribution business “Gulzar Trading Company”.
    • 1960 – Put-up a textile mill (first manufacturing business) “Nasaji
      Nangarhar Limited” in Jalalabad City.
    • 1976 – Restructured the business and expanded the distribution network to whole of Afghanistan & neighboring countries with the name of “Habib Gulzar Limited”.
    • 1995 – Established “Habib Gulzar International LLC” in UAE for overseas operations.
    • Apart from multimillion US$ investment in state of the art Coca-Cola Bottling Plant and real estate, the Habib Gulzar group is national distributors of different multinational companies including Toyota, Phillip Morris,  Japan Tobacco, Continental Biscuits, Kraft.

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